Institut für nachhaltige Aktivitäten auf See

About us

INASEA was founded in 2006 by Dr. Michaela Mayer and is led by her. She is in charge of all projects.

Dr. Michaela Mayer holds a PhD in biology with a focus on marine biology, zoology and oceanography. She has successfully completed a car mechanic training. She is also a Scientific diver and Scuba instructor CMAS/VDST**/German Diving Licence.

Dr. Michaela Mayer is particularly specialized in the ecology of both polar regions, in the Antarctic Treaty system, ornithology and benthology, as well as bioacoustics.

Dr. Michaela Mayer is always interested in new challenges.

INASEA bundles competencies in project-related consortia. INASEA has a multidisciplinary pool of experts from which the teams for the respective project processing are put together.

Our experts are ornithologists, marine biologists, terrestrial biologists, navigators, shipbuilders, physicists, lawyers, bionicists, geologists, IT and GIS professionals and landscape planners.

Further team expansion is possible at any time through the partners of the Maritime-Consulting-Group.

Timely and careful processing is guaranteed!


From the INASEA quality management manual:

The following guidelines currently apply:
- customer satisfaction
- consideration of environmental protection, occupational safety and data protection
- good scientific practice
- finding practical solutions
- use of environmentally friendly methods
- promote of innovation
- non-discrimination.